All Animals Are Deserving Of Love and Respect

Why Is One OK To Eat And Not The Other?

I recently had a friend tell me that it’s OK to eat cows because they are raised for our consumption. It didn’t make sense to me, but it was a firm belief that she held. The words cow and food go hand in hand to her. In the same conversation, she cried about the death of her dog and cat. She didn’t make the connection between one animal and the other because she has been brainwashed by society to believe that some animals are not worthy of compassion.

When my friends and family tell me that they love animals, it’s hard to believe that. If they truly loved animals, why would they eat them? I think they mean to say that they love dogs, cats, some birds, and certain other animals that they consider pets. But they are separating certain animals from pets and viewing the former as food rather than living beings that feel emotions and have a natural instinct to survive.

Following are some videos of animals considered to be pets and animals considered to be food. Can you see what makes one more likely to be food than the other? Can you see what makes one more worthy of living than the other? Can you see what makes one more deserving of love than the other?

A Cow And A Dog

Just like dogs, cows like to play, cuddle, and seek pleasure. In fact, cows have a lot of traits that we consider to be endearing in pets. Why is it OK to make cows suffer through the dairy and meat industry but treat dogs with kindness and respect?

A Chicken And A Cat

It’s interesting how birds are separated into food and non-food. For instance, a friend of mine would never eat a swan. She even goes so far as to post things about how to save swans from danger. But chicken is her favorite food. She has often told me that she couldn’t live without eating chicken. I just don’t get it!

Chickens have been labeled as dumb, but they are not. Even newly hatched chicks, which are often thrown away and ground up in the food industry, are intelligent. Imagine the horror they feel as products rather than beings? Imagine kittens going through the same thing? It’s hard to do, right?

A Pig And Dog

Pigs are so intelligent and friendly that it’s hard to believe anyone would eat them. Anyone who has watched a video of a pig as a pet knows that they are happy, playful, snuggly, intelligent beings. And the majority of them go through hell so that someone can eat bacon for breakfast.

Imagine a dog being shoved in a truck with a bunch of other dogs, denied any kind of food or water, and then listen and panic as all the other pigs get slaughtered until it’s his turn. It’s unthinkable. No wonder people like Joaquin Phoenix are showing their respects to the pigs before they get slaughtered. They are aware that the pigs are going through a tremendous amount of stress and know there’s nothing they can do besides provide a small amount of comfort.

A Turkey And A Dog

Turkeys are another bird that are commonly considered dumb with no emotions. Listen to the following story of a turkey and what happened when she was put on a farm where ‘she belonged’ as opposed to what she’s like when she’s in her home with the dogs.

The point is that ALL animals should not be food for humans. When you can see the connection between one animal to the next, it becomes hard to even imagine eating any of them.

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