9 Vegan Recipes For Foods That You Crave When You Go Vegan

When I first went vegan, I spent a lot of time trying to buy already made foods that would give me the satisfaction I was looking for. In time, I found that there were so many easy and fun vegan recipes out there that I didn’t need to buy anything – well, expect Ben and Jerry’s vegan ice cream, Daiya for pizza, and Chao cheese for grilled cheese and sandwiches.  But, besides those, I could make vegan foods at home and tailor them to my taste. If you are looking for recipes for things you are familiar with and want in your diet, like cheese, pasta, and burgers, following are 5 videos that include 9 vegan recipes to get you started.

Vegan Recipes For Food You Love

1. Nacho Cheese

One of the biggest complaints about going vegan is the lack of really good cheese.

Here’s the thing: I’ve found that there is no exact replica of dairy cheese out there in the vegan world. I have found that Earth Island provolone is pretty similar to provolone, but you are not going to find the same taste and texture of dairy cheese in the vegan world. Not yet anyway.

Once you accept that and open yourself up to different textures and flavors, you will start to like the different vegan recipes for cheese that use nuts, coconut, potatoes, and other crazy (and delicious) things.

In fact, I’ve found that I like some vegan cheeses more than I liked dairy cheese. Like this nacho cheese that uses potatoes and carrots.

It’s hot. It’s satisfying. And you can use when you want a spicy, cheesy kick to your meal.

2. Pizza Burger

“It’s a goddamn pizza burger. Deal with it.” – Nikki Limo

As vegans, we tend to label things cheese and meat, even if though they are not cheese and meat in the traditional sense. The bottom line is that they are their own delicious creations, regardless of what you call them.

Chickpeas can be used in so many vegan recipes both sweet and savory. In this recipe, Nikki Limo uses them to make a vegan pizza burger.

She often tries to make vegan recipes on her ‘Tasty Tuesday’ show, so if you want to watch vegan recipes come together and then find out if it passes the taste test with her and her husband, this is the show to watch. Plus, you can learn from her mistakes and tribulations so that you don’t have to go through them yourself.

3. Three Pasta Recipes!

“The first pasta we are going to make is a vegan carbonara – traditionally with parmesan and bacon, but this one has none of those things cause it’s vegan.” – Candice Hutchings

Most vegans and non-vegans can agree – pasta rocks and we need it in our lives.

I’ve found that vegan recipes for pasta are much more creative than your typical cheese or tomato sauce recipes, and they are so delicious.

Candice Hutchings from Edgy Veg is one of the people who will help you explore vegan recipes with ingredients that you may not otherwise know what to do with, such as tofu.

4. Cashew Parmesan Cheese

“You can put this on pasta. You can put this on roasted tomatoes. You can put this in your breadcrumbs. You can sprinkle on top of your asparagus. It’s really, really good.” – Connie Rawsome

One of the things my husband and I can’t live without is this cashew parmesan. To be honest, we eat it ‘as is’ quite often. But, we also put it on all of our pasta dishes.

Connie Rawsome went vegan because her daughter went vegan, and she learned how to make delicious cheeses that she demonstrates on her YouTube channel. So, if you are looking for a vegan recipe for your favorite cheese, check out her channel and you may find something worth trying out!

For now, you can start with this delicious vegan recipe for parmesan that takes a few minutes to put together. (By the way, we don’t sprout our cashews because we often need parmesan quickly.)

5. Three Vegan Desserts

“I’m being a bit more rough and ready here because I want these to be simple, easy vegan desserts.” – Steve Flynn

Before we went vegan, we were eating plenty of vegan desserts. In fact, the first time I tried a vegan cheesecake, I couldn’t tell the difference between dairy cheesecake and it, and I fell in love. From that point on, I knew that I would always be able to eat delicious dessert no matter what foods were or were not in my diet. Here are 3 vegan desserts that you can make quickly and impress your guests (and yourself) with.

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