Vegan Problems: I Talk Too Much About Everything Vegan To Non-Vegans

The other day I wrote about why vegans are so annoying, and it made me wonder if I was annoying my family. I’m not in-your-face about the reasons to go vegan. But, I am in-your-face about how awesome vegan food is! I’ve said that I believe that the most amazing thing I’ve ever done is gone vegan, and I truly believe that. Because of that, I may be a little too excited about vegan food and, possibly, be a little annoying to the people closest in my life.

Excited Women Trying New Vegan Recipe

For instance, my mother is constantly bombarded with pictures of my newest vegan creation. I will send her a text with a picture of the food along with all of my thoughts about the food and how great or not great it is. I also send her text after text about the newest vegan restaurants or food items popping up around town.

I’ve noticed that she will always respond to my texts that are not about being vegan, but when it comes to texts that are talking about vegan food, restaurants, or ideas, she will respond about half the time.

And, the other day at my Dad’s birthday, I must have said the word vegan twenty times or more… probably more. I noticed that my parents weren’t always as fascinated by the topic as I was. Imagine that.

Of course, to be fair, we were going out to a restaurant with one vegan item on a menu with five pages – and that was only if you ordered it a certain way, so I wanted to be clear that there were restaurants out there with vegan items all over the menu.

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I Am Excited To Be A Vegan, But That Doesn’t Mean Everyone Else Is As Excited

I’m very lucky. I have a husband who is vegan too. The word vegan comes up a lot in our conversations. We are both extremely proud of the food we create and how amazing it tastes. So, we talk about it a lot.

But, I realize that my parent’s probably don’t want to hear about it as much as I talk about it.

What’s most important to me is not most important to them, and I know how exhausting it can be when someone puts so much focus solely on what is important to them and it is not necessarily your cup of tea.

That’s why from this moment forward, I will show how proud I am to be vegan and limit the amount of time I talk about it with people who are not vegan. After all, the example you set is the biggest influence you can have over other people.

I intend to stop wearing other people out with my talk about being vegan so that they can actually see how much I love it instead of being blinded with my continuous talk.

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