Undisclosed Milk

Undeclared Animal Products: One More Things Vegans Need To Worry About

A while ago I had some food that got recalled, and that led me to sign up for the food recall warnings from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. At first, I just thought I needed to worry about things like E. coli, but I soon realized that as a vegan, there were other things I needed to worry about when it came to food being recalled. I’ve found that there have been quite a few companies who forget to disclose things like eggs, shellfish, milk, and other animal products in certain products.

May Contain Undisclosed Milk

As a vegan, I go through a lot of pain reading ingredients on almost everything we buy. Usually though, when I see something labeled vegan, I relax a bit on the intense reading of ingredients.

I guess that’s a mistake.

Today I got an email saying that there was undisclosed milk in something. I checked it out and it turns out that there were vegan bars that may contain improperly declared milk.

Two products from Ecoideas may have milk in them, including the iChoc White Vanilla Vegan Bar and the iChoc Classic Vegan Bar.

The alert happened because someone with milk allergies needs to know that milk may be in them, and as a vegan I sure do appreciate milk allergies, or else we probably would have never known about this concern. It’s just too bad that they have to feel an allergic reaction in order to make it known.

The advisory details say that they may contain milk and the complaint was trigger by consumer complaints as people have experienced reactions associated with eating the two products.

It Happens More Than You Think

It’s not just this company that has had food recalled for undeclared milk.

For instance, this recall for undeclared milk was for Kraft Heinz Canada and their buffalo and honey mustard sauce. And this was distributed to hotels or restaurants or institutional places.

Or this recall for undeclared milk was for Delta Foods’ spring rolls. Again, these were distributed to hotels, restaurants, institutional, and retail.

It’s already hard enough to eat out, we don’t need to worry about their being undeclared animal products in foods that are not supposed to contain animal products.

You can’t find 870 more results for undeclared milk here.¬†And that’s just from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. And that’s just for undeclared milk. Other animal products are finding their way into foods that are not supposed to have them, and it’s a little disheartening.

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