Things That Sucks As A Vegan

10 Reasons Being Vegan Sucks

I love being vegan, but there are a few things that still suck about it. One day these things may all disappear, but for now, we have to deal with them. So, if you want to know what really sucks about being vegan, read on. And if you have anything to add, please share it in the comment section.

1. Snacks At Coffee Joints Are Hard To Come By

Going out to mainstream coffee places means that you can get a coffee with plant-based milk, but not necessarily something to eat. As someone who likes to work out of a coffee shop, I feel the pain of this a lot. Sometimes I get hungry and want something for lunch too!

Also, places like Starbucks need to get some vegan whipped cream. I mean, come on! Half of their drinks come with whipped cream.

2. You Have To Deal With Vegan Haters

Everyone has haters, I guess. But it seems like vegans have a lot of them!

People love to make fun of vegans and vegan food. I don’t get it, but it happens every day.

3. You Get Called Crazy When You Talk About How Veganism Can Benefit The Planet, Health, And Animals

I always say that the best way to go vegan is to educate yourself on the issues around animal agriculture, how eating meat and dairy impact your health, and how animals are treated in the meat and dairy industry, but most people don’t bother doing that kind of research until the very moment they decide to become vegan.

Once you become vegan, you know how horrible the meat and dairy industry are for everything, but nobody will listen to you because they either don’t want to know the truth or can’t be bothered to know the truth.

4. Vegans Attack Vegans

A vegan is defined as a person who doesn’t use or eat animal products. After being vegan for a while, I think there are all kinds of vegans out there. Some ignorant vegans who accidentally use animal products without knowing and some vegans who are trying to do the right thing for others but get bashed in the process. And, then there are some who are just playing games and get bashed by places like PETA.

5. You Have To Listen To People’s Excuses On Why They Can’t Be Vegan

My friends and family all LOVE my vegan cooking. Many of them say that it’s better than what they cook. But then the talk about why they can’t be vegan. Usually, it’s because they love chicken or bacon or something like that. Other times it’s because it’s not healthy or it’s too expensive or hard.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard it all before and I know that it’s a bunch of bullshit, but you can’t call people on it. Their excuses are real to them and it’s up to them to see that they are just excuses, not facts.

6. Trying To Convince Non-Vegans That You Really Like Being A Vegan

People don’t always believe that you actually enjoy vegan food. The worst part is that there are people who tried to be vegan, for whatever reason, and obviously didn’t eat any good vegan food or try to find vegan substitutes that they like. Those people will go back to eating meat and inform all their meat-eating friends, as well as anyone interested in becoming vegan, that being vegan sucks and is impossible to do.

Of course, this tweet was from 2012 and vegan food has come a long way since then!

7. Trying To Convince Non-Vegans To Try An Awesome Vegan Restaurant

I know where the best vegan restaurants are at. These are restaurants that you would drive five hours to get to. But I’ve had friends refuse to go because it’s vegan and they don’t think they will enjoy anything there.

One of my friends always says, “I don’t want tofu!” – as if tofu is the only vegan thing in the world!

Eventually, you stop trying to explain to your friends that it’s good food and you go with them to the place that serves one vegan option – chips and salsa.

Missing these nachos because your non-vegan friends insist that vegan food can’t be good!  😭

8. Seeing So Much Ignorance Around Issues You Care About

When I first went vegan, I was doing a lot of research into how eating meat and dairy impacts health, the environment, and animals. That meant I came across a lot of stories, videos, and posts that including horrible things such as animal abuse and insights into the environment’s future.

It’s hard knowing that there is nothing you can do about these things besides hope that other people start to pay attention to the issues as well. Sitting back, seeing the images, hearing the stories, and dealing with the dread is hard.

Sometimes I think ignorance is bliss. You don’t need to care or worry about such things.

But, on the other hand, ignorance is what causes the world to go to shit.

9. Vegan Food Through Room Service Isn’t A Common Thing Yet

This was an issue years ago, and this is still an issue. I have yet to find a hotel where you can get really good vegan food through room service.

Listen, I want to order room service too, but I’m not confident that you know what room service means so I get up and drag my butt out to the nearest vegan-friendly restaurant and get takeout. The first hotel that starts to serve actual vegan food through room service will win my loyalty so I can stay in, order up, and enjoy my room.

10. Ordering Out From Uneducated Restaurants

I was vegetarian before most people knew what vegetarian meant, and I used to order cheeseburgers with no meat just so I could have something to eat with my friends. But they were always served with meat and I would always have to return them and try to explain, again, that I didn’t want the meat.

As a vegan, getting the wrong order is pretty much guaranteed. For instance, most people I run into think that something served with dairy is vegan, especially if it’s lactose-free. Ironically, people seem to understand what vegetarian means now that I’m vegan.

This is why I pretty much only try to order from vegan restaurants. But, sometimes when I’m out with family or friends I don’t have a choice, and usually, I get something totally not vegan.

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