The Process That Led Me To Give Up Dairy For Good

I was one of those people who had to have cheese in everything. If it didn’t have cheese, I didn’t even see the point of eating it. That’s why it was so hard for me to give up dairy, even when my husband thought it was hurting my stomach. But then some things changed and the thought of life without dairy wasn’t as scary. I was finally able to give up dairy. It all happened very quickly. Here’s what happened.

Alternatives To Dairy: How I Gave Up Dairy

So Many Vegan Options To Choose From

1. Dairy Started Tasting Different To Me

I loved cream in my coffee, but not all cream was created equal in my eyes. I had a friend would bring me cream from her province. She lives in Newfoundland, and the cream there was amazing – unlike anything I could buy in the store. But, one day, it started tasting different to me. It had a really grassy taste, but also a weird taste that I couldn’t place and didn’t like.

That was the starting point.

2. I Was Full Of Mucus

I can say with confidence now that dairy was causing me to be full of mucus, because as soon as I went vegan the mucus went away. But at the time, I wasn’t so sure.

Still, the mucus wasn’t fun. I felt disgusting after eating any meal (they all included dairy) and mucus became a hot topic in my mind.

3. Dairy Started To Look Like Mucus To Me

The texture of cheese and cream started to gross me out. It was too much like mucus, and I couldn’t shake the thought of eating mucus in my head. Soon all dairy and mucus were closely linked together.

I was only able to eat certain hard cheeses at that point – like mozzarella and Swiss, which was crazy because I was such a lover of all cheese before that. And, the cream in my coffee was getting harder to swallow.

4. I Watched What The Health

Then one lazy day at home scrolling through Netflix I saw ‘What The Health‘. I started watching it and I couldn’t stop.

I realized that dairy was most likely causing my health problems in a number of different ways, just like my husband suspected. The biggest shock was that dairy and autoimmune diseases were shown to have a strong link. Because my husband and I both have autoimmune diseases, this became an important issue to me.

I also realized that the dairy industry was doing everything they could to keep me eating it, and that pissed me off.

And the pus. Since mucus was such an issue in my head, learning the pus cells were legally allowed in milk made me cringe, sick, and instantly decide to give up dairy. Yes, instantly. The minute What The Health stopped was the minute I went vegan for good.

Despite Cravings After Going Vegan My Mindset Is Against Dairy

I still have cravings for dairy. It was a huge part of my life and played a role in so many of my foods.

For instance, sometimes I wish I ate dairy because I would love to have those cheese sticks from a restaurant I used to go to all the time. But, that craving is not enough to overpower the mindset I have against dairy.

I know that my health, the environment, and the animals are better off if I don’t eat dairy. And, quite honestly, when it comes down to it, I still view dairy as mucus and pus, so it’s not hard to avoid it – craving or not.

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