3 Reasons To Go Vegan

Do You Need A Strong Reason To Finally Go Vegan? Here You Go!

A lot of people I come across can’t find a strong enough reason to go vegan. I get it. I was vegetarian for most of my life and didn’t think I could ever become a vegan. Even when I was having massive pains in my stomach from eating dairy, I didn’t feel like I could give it up. I had a reason – health – but it wasn’t strong enough. I needed a strong reason, backed by science, research, facts or experience, and that’s just what I got once I was willing to watch a documentary about animal products and health.

If you want to be a vegan, but don’t have that solidifying reason to go vegan yet, then I challenge you to watch one or all of the following documentaries. Start by picking the reason you most want to go vegan and then watch that documentary.

This is my number one tip to be able to go vegan for good:

Ignorance is bliss and keeps you from making changes. Awareness is what helps you make the changes you want or need to make in life. Therefore, educate yourself as much as possible. It’s how change is made not only in your life, but in the world.

And, an important thing to remember is that every vegan said they could never go vegan before they went vegan. In fact, most people who are vegans now made fun of vegans or talked about them as if they were weird.

But, once you go vegan you will see just how wrong you were about the whole thing and it will be something you are proud of, even if you are not vocal about it.

1. Health Reasons

If you need a strong reason to go vegan for your health, then What The Health is your documentary. This was what got me to give up dairy, finally. In fact, I gave up dairy the same day and never looked back. Here’s the trailer.

Here’s the first comment I saw below the full documentary before it got taken off of YouTube.

I was a triple bacon cheeseburger eating construction worker. I laughed at vegans and called em weak. Then I hurt my back at work and still had to work. Eventually, I couldn’t tie my own shoes. Not long after that, I had to drag my legs down the hallway to get to the bathroom. It wasn’t until I said I will do ANYTHING to get better that I learned about inflammation and its major causes. Eventually, I came across this documentary. My wife and I went whole foods plant-based. After 10 days I could stand up straight and I was sleeping normally again. After 3 weeks I felt the greatest change to my overall well being I had ever experienced. It’s been over 2 years and I love the food. I don’t miss or desire the S.A.D. diet. I can do my job better than I could 10 years ago.

For me, the pain that I would always feel in my stomach and fingers (now I know was inflammation) went away within a week. I haven’t had it since.

Watch the documentary, stack up some strong reasons for dropping meat and dairy, try it out, see how you feel, and you are almost guaranteed to keep going from there.

2. Environmental Reasons

After I went vegan for health reasons, I learned about environmental reasons. I am someone who has always tried to do environmentally friendly things, despite not really understanding everything about the environmental crisis going on. It just felt right to me to lessen my carbon footprint and so I did.

But, after watching Cowspiracy, I realized how beneficial it was for the environment for me to be vegan.

Honestly, this documentary might depress you a bit as you ponder why the government and big companies are not doing more to combat animal agriculture’s impact on the environment. But, once you realize that it doesn’t matter what they do because we have the power to make changes simply through our votes with money and voices, you start to feel a little bit better.

It’s still frickin’ depressing at times, but that’s exactly why we need to act now.

If you care about the future of this planet and the people on it, then this documentary will give you a very strong reason to go vegan.

Here’s a short 15-minute version of Cowspiracy:

This is the only long version of Cowspiracy that I could find on YouTube. It starts out with some random guys’ self-promotion but does go into the whole documentary. If you have Netflix, you can also watch it on Netflix.

3. Animal Welfare Reasons

I have never eaten meat in my life because I couldn’t associate animals with food. As a little kid, who was just learning the names of animals, I would refuse to eat something if it sounded like an animal. Therefore, chicken and fish were never allowed on my plate. And if they were there, I would sit there until my parents finally let me go from the dinner table.

I drove them crazy, I’m sure. But animals and food didn’t correlate together in my head.

However, despite not wanting to eat animals, I never allowed myself to watch anything that showed the cruelty going on in the meat and dairy industries. It was too much for me. I knew that if I did, I would be vegan immediately, but I’m a very sensitive person when it comes to graphic images of any kind. I tend to hold them in my mind for years afterward and have a hard time getting over them, so I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

The problem is that it’s important to dissociate the happy animal with the food they are being made into or make. We are bombarded with commercials and images that show happy animals as a mascot for meat and dairy. They are not happy. They are miserable. That happy cow who recommends you drink milk or eat little cheese wheels is an illusion.

For many people, one video of how animals are treated can offer a good enough reason to go vegan. I dare anyone to watch a documentary all the way through and not have some good reasons to go vegan in their head from that moment on.

If you can watch it, Earthlings approaches how animals are used for food, entertainment, scientific research, clothing, and more.

Or, you can also watch Dominion, which showcases how animals are used in the dairy, egg, meat, and clothing industry.

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