Vegan At Last is a part of my online business as a writer and blogger. I am vegan, I love being vegan, I have some stuff to say about being vegan, but I also need to make money so I can buy vegan food!

This is a new blog, but I can guarantee there will be the following things on this site at one point or another:

  • Google’s Ads – This is an ad program that should show you relevant ads based on your searches and interests. Sometimes I’ve seen meat products in ads when I’m looking at other people’s vegan posts. Often that’s because the ads are relevant to food and not to the topic of being vegan. Not cool, but it happens. In any case, I don’t have control over what ads are shown to you, but I do make money through them.
  • Amazon links – If I talk about a vegan product that is available on Amazon, I will include an affiliate link to Amazon for it. That helps you find the product and order it – if you want, and I will earn a commission if you do decide to order. I may not have always tried the products on Amazon. You will know if I did though because it will be obvious in my post.
  • Other affiliate links – If I mention programs or products that I’ve tried, I may include an affiliate link to that program or product. I’m not an affiliate for every product in the world, but I have joined affiliate programs with many different places. And if I try something and like it, I often check to see if they have an affiliate program. So if I can, I will include an affiliate link; otherwise, it will be just a regular link to the program or product. Again, I may not have always tried the products, but you will know if I did though because it will be obvious in my post.

As far as how all this affects you, it doesn’t. I’m honest in my posts, so you are not being tricked in any way for me to earn money. Moreover, if you end up buying something, you are not paying more because I’m an affiliate. In fact, sometimes you may pay less because I have an inside scoop as an affiliate.

Any questions, please ask!