5 Comments I’ve Seen About Vegans That Show Complete Ignorance About Veganism

People comment negatively about vegans all the time. They obviously have their own label of what a vegan is, and often it’s the saddest, craziest, or most pathetic label possible. Even when I wasn’t a vegan, I wouldn’t say some of the stuff these people say. While there are a lot of ignorant comments to choose from, I’m only going to talk about 5 of them today.

Comments About Vegans That Are Ignorant

1. That Chick Looked Too Well Fed To Be A Vegan

This was a comment on a video of a young vegan woman protesting. The ‘chick’ wasn’t fat at all. But, I guess he considered her not vegan because she wasn’t a toothpick?

What do you think vegans eat? Only carrots and lettuce?

I guess it’s not something you truly discover until you become a vegan, but there is so much to eat it’s easy to maintain and even gain weight.

Almost every meat and cheese has been replicated in the vegan world.

Tons of snacks and desserts are available. You name it, you can make it vegan in some way.

And, there are plenty of delicious vegan foods that are sometimes, to be honest, hard to stop eating because they are so good.

Bottom line: Vegan food is good and it’s easy to eat when you feel good about what you are eating, so yes, all vegans are well fed.

2. Animals Get Killed When They Don’t Want To In The Wild, So Don’t Preach ‘Save a Life’ When They Die Just The Same In The Wild

I’ve seen a lot of variations of this comment, but it’s all the same – animals die in the wild all the time, so what’s the difference?

Well, there are a few differences.

First, go to a slaughterhouse and you will notice the difference between an animal attack and humans slaughtering animals for food. The terror that these animals face throughout the whole process is hard to think about.

Second, animals being raised for foods are often kept in intolerable conditions and live a life of misery and suffering. Animals in the wild live a free life. They may not want to get killed either, but at least they have a shot at living. Animals being raised for meat do not.

3. People That Value Animal Lives More Than Human Lives Equals Hippies

Again, I’ve seen variations on this comment about vegans. But, people seem to believe that all vegans don’t value human lives and live their lives like a hippie.

Why does being a vegan make you value animal lives more than human lives? In my experience, being a vegan makes you value all lives. You are more compassionate, concerned, and willing to help animals and people in need.

And what makes vegans hippies? Here’s the definition of a hippie…

A person of unconventional appearance, typically having long hair and wearing beads, associated with a subculture involving a rejection of conventional values and the taking of hallucinogenic drugs.

Being vegan means you have long hair, wear beads, reject all conventional values, and take drugs? What?

There are vegans from all walks of life. I’m betting there are some vegan hippies out there, but there are many vegans who are not.

4. It’s Not Violence, It’s Food

This is one of those comments meant to rile vegans up, I’m sure. But it shows a complete lack of compassion and awareness about what happens in the meat industry and why many vegans choose to be and stay vegans.

My husband has a friend who worked at a slaughterhouse for a few years. He says that the job nearly drove him insane. He hasn’t worked there for over 15 years and he still has nightmares about that job.

I would suggest that anyone who makes a comment meant to poke jokes around the violence animals face go work at a slaughterhouse.  I’d be interested to see if you come out telling the same jokes.

5. When you eat vegetables, you are eating the feet, body, and decapitated heads of innocent plants

The argument is that you are always taking life when you eat, no matter what. A garden becomes less of a pleasant place and more of a death camp for vegetables.

What’s funny is that often people who say stuff like this will also argue that fish can’t feel pain when we know that they can.

I remember a young guy using this argument on me when I was in my late teens. I was a vegetarian then, but his argument was that all plants have feelings, so I was just switching up one for the other. Funny thing was I never mentioned anything about animals at that time. I just didn’t like meat, period. We were at a bar and I had ordered something without meat and he was so upset about it that he decided to inform me on why my decision to not eat meat, but to eat plants, was wrong.

We know that plants don’t have a brain or a nervous system to experience pain, unlike animals. However, I haven’t seen concrete proof that plants do not feel pain. I DO know that the animals being abused, slaughtered, and eaten feel pain, though.

I like what the author says in this article. The argument that plants feel pain is just an attempt to counteract the ethical basis of being vegan with bad logic and pseudo-science.

I also like this article and the author’s point that if it is found that plants can feel pain, veganism would still be the most compassionate diet as livestock are being fed plants which results in more plants being killed and eaten than just eating the plants ourselves.

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