How Hard Is It To Become A Vegan? It’s Easy When You Overcome These 3 Big Things

We are all scared of change, especially when it comes to big habits like eating. And nobody likes the idea of having to cut out a food they like completely. So, despite wanting to become a vegan, change and restriction are two things that make it seem really difficult. Add in a lack of knowledge about delicious vegan recipes and becoming a vegan can be a very scary thing. But, once you work through those three things, it’s easy to become a vegan and work through any other issues that come up. Following is how I worked through the process.

1. Changing Your Diet

Change From Non Vegan To A Strict Vegan

I had an eating routine that included a lot of non-vegan foods.

For instance, I always put cream in my coffee. I always ate something that required cheese for lunch of supper. And cheese in my snacks was very common!

The bottom line is that most of my favorite dishes had cheese in them.

So, the idea of changing my eating habits from mostly cheese to plant-based foods was WAY out of my comfort zone.

But, once I developed the mindset that I wanted to become a vegan for health and ethical reasons, I embraced the change.

It made me happier to think about being vegan than not being vegan.

It was just like embracing the change of a move or a new job. If you feel like you must do it, want to do it, and that it’s going to be exciting, then it becomes easier.

So, find your reason to do it.

I Decided What Would Make Me Most Happy

Once I decided that I wanted to become a vegan, I started to look up the health benefits of being a vegan and the health impacts of not being one.

I also stopped shutting my eyes to how animals are really treated in the dairy and meat industry and started reading articles that educated me. I found this education to make me want to change much more than the health benefits.

The bottom line is that educating yourself about the positive impacts of going vegan (and the negative impacts of not going vegan) will help make the change more desirable.

I Became Willing To Change

I also became willing to try new foods.

For instance, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to add cheese to make dishes creamy anymore, so I needed to be willing to try new ways of making dishes creamy.

And when I became willing to try new things, I found new recipes, ingredients, and ways of cooking foods, and I realized how amazingly awesome vegan food can be.

2. Saying Good-Bye To Foods You Love

Educate Yourself, Become a Vegan, And You Will See The World Differently

The thought of never being able to eat a cheeseball again was hard. But the thought of not going vegan for health and ethical reasons was harder.

After I educated myself as much as I needed, I wanted to make the change to become a vegan. I wanted to stop eating those foods that I thought I couldn’t live without. Why? Because I felt much more pain about not being vegan than about being vegan.

I still find myself looking at cheese and wishing that I could create something that tasted exactly like my favorite swiss or cheddar, but the fact is that I made a choice and I have good reasons for that choice, so eliminating a few foods from my diet feels right, and that’s just the way it is.

You will be amazed at how strong you really are when your mindset shifts.

3. Finding Delicious Vegan Food

When You Become A Vegan You Will Be Amazed At The Selection of Foods

Being vegan is not just about salad. There are so many vegan foods out there that will blow your mind.

This is a great time to become a vegan because you can find so many AMAZING vegan recipes online.

Just to name a few places:

Hot For Food Blog: Learn how to make yummy vegan food easily. Everything from finger food to holiday food can be found on here.

Mary’s Test Kitchen: I learned how to make and age nut cheese from Mary’s blog. And, she also has everything from vegan finger food to holiday food.

The Happy Pear: These are two guys who make delicious vegan food really quickly. Their quick samosa recipe was the best my husband and I have ever had.

Vegan Richa: My husband and I both love Indian food. I mean LOVE IT! So, this was one of the first places I started to make recipes from and we’ve found some great ones!

The thing is that you need to find food that works for YOU.

Most importantly, if you try something and you don’t like it, don’t label that bad taste in your mouth as ‘vegan’. I guarantee that if you keep trying out recipes and different foods, you will find stuff that you like and ‘vegan’ will start to taste really good to you.

For instance, I wanted to like tofu. Edyn Jacks eats a lot of tofu and makes it look delicious, but I think she just genuinely likes the taste of it. I haven’t found a recipe with tofu yet that I really like, and I’ve tried a few.

But, I really like Hot Food Food’s nacho cheese, and I haven’t liked other potato-based cheese sauces.

So I know that with the right ingredients and methods of cooking, you can tweak how foods taste and find stuff that you like.

Do You Need To Cook?

You can find more vegan foods in restaurants and stores than ever before, but if you want to really find foods that work for you, I suggest cooking.

Make your own cheese and cheese sauces.

Try out different combinations of flavors.

Make your own sauces and dressings.

Make vegan copycat versions of your favorite non-vegan foods.

The more you experiment, the more likely you are to find foods that are just as addictive to you as non-vegan foods were.

The Bottom Line On How To Become A Vegan Easily

You need to make changing your diet a positive thing.

Make being a vegan more rewarding than not being vegan.

Educate yourself, be willing to try new ways of eating, and accept that not eating some of your old favorite foods is a good thing both for your health and ethically.

The more you make vegan a positive thing, the easier it will be to change over to a vegan diet.

And start trying out new recipes right now! You won’t like everything, just like you wouldn’t like everything on a non-vegan diet. But if you keep trying, you will find a ton of vegan food that you will start to crave and drool over.

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