7 Vegan Influencers That I Try To Promote For Good Reasons

Some vegan bloggers, vloggers, and social media names are annoying and in-your-face with their arrogance or anger. When I wasn’t vegan, I would click off or click out so fast when I saw these kinds of people. They aren’t good at helping you see how awesome being vegan is. They are simply good at telling you why you are wrong and they are right, which doesn’t win any friends or convert anyone. But, there are some vegans who just focus on how amazing being vegan is and how important it is, without the blame, arrogance, or fear tactics. These are the people that I try to promote.

7 Vegan Influencers That Have A Much Better Chance At Impacting People Positively

1. Julien And Jenna

Everyone knows these two are vegan, but they are not known for being vegan. They are known for being a funny, cute couple who are having a good time and doing good things. That’s the focus of their YouTube channels.

That’s what makes them so influential. They will do the odd vegan cooking vlog or eating show. They don’t push being vegan food on anyone, they just talk about it and eat it, and genuinely enjoy it.

I’m willing to bet they have influenced a few people into giving veganism a try, and they will likely influence many, many more people. That’s why I support them and promote them the best that I can.

Following is a video of Julien making vegan pad thai.

2. Candice Hutchings (The Edgy Veg)

She’s silly, but she’s also serious – about cooking really good vegan food.

She makes things that would appeal to someone just going vegan, such as vegan animal style fries, chocolate almond ice cream float, and Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme.

In other words, if you hear someone say, “All there is to eat as a vegan is vegetables!” then you can direct them to the Edgy Veg and prove otherwise.

3. Lauren Toyota (Hot For Food)

Lauren is confident and comfortable with who she is and what she believes in. She’s probably one of the most popular vegan influencers out there already – getting her face in front of the youth and trendy, so by promoting her you are just adding to her popularity and helping her show more people how easy it can be to cook vegan and how you can make some out-of-this-world recipes without meat or dairy. She is informative and delivers some creative and yummy vegan recipes.

4. Eamon & Bec

If you want to show someone how easy it is to cook vegan food, direct them to these two. Not only are they vegan, but they live in a van… which means they cook in a van!

Eamon does some quick cooking vlogs where he whips up some vegan dishes that most people would like. He’s friendly, funny, and a good example that cooking vegan doesn’t need to be hard and time consuming.

5. AnarchistKitchen

A lot of their videos consist of them talking about random things over video of them making food. They swear a lot, but they may appeal to a large group of people who just want to quickly see a recipe come together without a lot of filler. You can tune out their random chat if you want and just watch what they are doing. What they make can easily inspire you to create something based off what they did with your own unique twist. It’s for the crowd who want to know how to put something vegan together quickly.

6. Edyn Jacks

This girl is one of the main reasons I was able to go vegan. Cream in my coffee was holding me back, and she introduced me to Silk Creamer through one of her vlogs.

Edyn makes tofu look good, which is why I keep trying to like it!

She’s also a body positivity vlogger, which makes her channel a perfect channel to promote to people who just want to see someone they can relate to eating and loving vegan food.

She is a girly girl, funny, loves coffee, does a lot of taste tests, and promotes vegan products… not just food, and she has the best vegan tattoo.

There are so many reasons to promote her!

7. Mic The Vegan

I remember watching this guy talk about a vegan issue before I went vegan and he made so much sense that it prompted me to look further into it. That’s exactly what you want when promoting veganism. You want someone who, without being a jerk, can make people think and do further research. He’s a vegan science writer that talks about a variety of issues regarding dietary and lifestyle behaviors.

There Are More Amazing Vegan Influencers Worth Promoting

These are just a few of the amazing vegans worth promoting. If you want to promote veganism, you will do much more by promoting fun, interesting, and helpful people than hateful, hurtful, or snobby people. People will relate to them more and be more inclined to research this whole vegan thing a little bit more… and, maybe, even become vegan!

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